• Beach parties

Celebrations of the coolest!

If you say that the summer is not summer unless there is also the magic of the night and the wild fun, you will be satisfied: infact, you will live 24 hours a day including evening parties on the beach and nights in clubs.
If what it involves more “intellectually” is making new friends, you will be involved in evening parties on the beach with thousands of participants, many of which manifest your own “needs” …

We would like to make an appeal to the participants in order that limited the use of alcohol, especially during the evening parties. Alcohol abuse interferes with the sporting spirit of the event and will be tolerated no more. Therefore, we invite those who do not wish to share this appeal not to take part in the event that starting from this year will enable efforts to dissuade any excess. A sincere “thank you” to the many who will appreciate this decision. Note: In order to ensure the safety of all participants, only persons with the colored identification bracelet will be allowed to attend evening parties on the beach. It is forbidden to bring any glass bottles and/or other items considered dangerous within the beach area. A security team will monitor the area, both inside and outside.