• Cultural tours

Cultural Tours

The organization has sought to enrich the sport experience with original cultural, historical, artistic and naturalistic visits, . All tours and excursions offered are carried out by qualified tourist guides.

Travels saving
The sports group may decide to manage autonomously their cultural visit with some services offered by our office organization that remains available to advise transfers, tours and excursions. In addition, the groups taking up the luxury coach offered by the organization with a modest surcharge will require a visit (without guide) in a city of art choice located along the path of their journey.

Cities and smaller towns
From the “classic” city of Venice, Trieste and Gorizia, located in the immediate vicinity of Bibione, to original cultural offerings in town and smaller towns like Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria, rich in historical, artistic and cultural.

Nature walks
Ancient pine forests, fish farms, fossil dunes, the lagoon with the network of canals of the old coast road, the mouth of the river Tagliamento, these and many other natural attractions that Bibione offers its visitors.

Evening visits
To take part in cultural events without losing an hour of sport, we have proposed some suggestive evening visits: “Getting lost in Venice”; “Shadows of Venice”; “The Marano Lagoon”; “Carole and its Lagoon”; “Concordia Sagittaria and Portogruaro”.

For information: 041.595.06.12 – email: servizi@radunisportivi.it