We are creative, dynamic and innovative.
Sport redefines human potential and when people believe in what’s possible they can break barriers

SportFelix loves the outdoors.
It’s an engaging, agile and lively group of people who are always ready for action.
You’ll recognise us because we’re the only tour operator that juggles, dribbles, dunks, kicks, jumps, dances, sweats and celebrates – and who score every time! Our core business?

For people to enjoy themselves actively.
Our rewards are when we create communities and promote a sense of participation through the events we organise.

Quality &

We promote a culture based on quality and safety. We adopt proven methods and criteria for the well-being of everyone.

Equity &

We invest in games and sport for everyone because a generation that is active means a healthier and fairer future.

Play &

We create and provide sports projects and holiday packages that combine outdoor sports activities and hospitality in the best way possible.


Creativity and innovation drive our team. We create new formats that give unique sporting experiences.


From planning to roll-out. Our experience and knowledge of the sports sector mean we can manage the implementation process from start to finish.


Not only sport but also the management of the entire stay. Our solutions are dynamic, alternative, and great fun!


Marketing and communication are essential in making our sports projects reach their full potential.

How are we doing?

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For the SportFelix team, the following are no mere details:

For living well and correctly

Practising sport teaches you to cope well in all social situations, deal with difficulties correctly, assign the right meaning to winning, and - very importantly - to deal with losing as a stimulus for personal growth.

For the new generations

Sport should be an integral part of human learning, to develop positive, constructive relationships; especially now that younger generations are increasingly “connected” to the world but are not in direct relation with it.

For respecting values

The sporting experience proves to be of great social value, encouraging respect for common rules, collaboration among people and mutual commitment, providing food for thought to supersede ideas of diversity and to foster those of fairness and inclusion.

For a responsible use

Sports people are aware of their co-responsibility in terms of pollution. Thus they act responsibly towards the supply side and use water consciously, avoiding waste, while make an effort to collect all forms of refuse to make positive contributions to our environment.

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Informativa voucher. Alla scadenza dei 30 mesi dall’emissione del voucher, Raduni Sportivi srl tramuterà il voucher in un credito a favore del Cliente; a scelta del Cliente, tale credito potrà essere utilizzato per la prenotazione di una nuova iniziativa sportiva promossa dalla nostra Organizzazione oppure sarà rimborsabile, come previsto dalla legge, nei 14 giorni successivi all’arrivo della relativa richiesta inviata a Raduni Sportivi srl via mail comunicando gli estremi del voucher (numero del voucher, cognome e nome e coordinate bancarie dell’intestatario del voucher). La mail dovrà pervenire dall’intestatario del contratto, dovrà avere il voucher in allegato e dovrà essere indirizzata ad

Voucher information. Upon expiry of 30 months from voucher issue, Raduni Sportivi srl will transform the voucher into a credit in favor of the Customer; based on the Customer’s choice, the credit, can be used to book a new sporting initiative promoted by our organization or it will be refundable, as required by law, within 14 days following the arrival of the request sent to Raduni Sportivi srl by email communicating the details of the voucher (voucher number, surname and name and bank details of the voucher holder). The email must be sent by the contract’s holder, it must have the voucher attached and it must be sent to