Motivation, sharing and support among staff
Enhancing individual spirit to empower the entire team

Increasingly more companies are offering tools to improve the work- life balance alongside the traditional remuneration systems.
Starting from this consideration, to companies who want to invest in sports and health education projects, and who want to offer their employees and families original leisure and entertainment opportunities, SportFelix offers “tailor-made” all-inclusive projects (company tournaments, summer camps, sports retreats) based on the customer’s requirements, after sharing objectives, contents and actions.

For the company

Savings in taxes and contributions, positive ROI (return on investment), high level of employee involvement and loyalty, in turn creating a competitive advantage.

For the employees

A general enhancement in satisfaction and well-being, resulting in higher productivity and a positive work-life balance.

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For the SportFelix team, the following are no mere details:

For living well and correctly

Practising sport teaches you to cope well in all social situations, deal with difficulties correctly, assign the right meaning to winning, and - very importantly - to deal with losing as a stimulus for personal growth.

For the new generations

Sport should be an integral part of human learning, to develop positive, constructive relationships; especially now that younger generations are increasingly “connected” to the world but are not in direct relation with it.

For respecting values

The sporting experience proves to be of great social value, encouraging respect for common rules, collaboration among people and mutual commitment, providing food for thought to supersede ideas of diversity and to foster those of fairness and inclusion.

For a responsible use

Sports people are aware of their co-responsibility in terms of pollution. Thus they act responsibly towards the supply side and use water consciously, avoiding waste, while make an effort to collect all forms of refuse to make positive contributions to our environment.

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